My Story

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My First Computer

When I was a little kid, somewhere around 12, Dad got us a computer for me and my elder sibling.

But I used it most of the time which turned me to be a crazy Computer nerd

Playing Games was my daily routine but learned a lot of new stuff about Computer Hardware by experimenting with whatnot

Well, I started Formatting Computers with the variants of the OS from the 5th Standard itself

Can you remember the day you got your first computer? Any memory you can recall?

Figuring Out Blogging Platform

Fast forward to 2016, I figured out there was a free Blogging Medium to write blogs around any topics we are interested in

and that was nothing but the Blogger platform owned by Google

But, you know what, I didn’t get any traction and traffic to my site

As I kept writing more content, I knew that there is something called “SEO”(Search Engine Optimization) where lots of factors determine the ranking of content in SERP(Search Engine Result Page)

So, guess what I did?

Well, I shifted the Blogging platform to WordPress

and my Journey toward SEO and Blogging started from there.

Creation of Blog “KUMARPRADHAN”

Then, I wanted to learn more about SEO, and how to rank in SERP. How to rank by creating a full-fledged precise strategy with organic keywords

What I found was, there were tons of blogs already published in SERP but they lack Structural and organized ways of explaining things

I wasn’t connected while reading and learning the blogs from there, because it wasn’t engaging and fun to read at all

Then, I thought, why don’t I create such Blogs breaking down complex terms into understandable phrases where you can learn in an advanced way(On-Page SEO, Off-page SEO, Local SEO, Technical SEO) with engaging and fun content for all SEO enthusiasts out there

and, the blog KUMARPRADHAN “was born.

"A Website Without SEO is like a Body Without Consciousness!" Start Learning On-Page SEO